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by Charlotte on June 7, 2012







So you get up, get yourself ready, and you are getting your kids ready at the same time for school or day care or summer camp. You attempt to make some coffee, and you yell up to the kids to brush their teeth and to move it along because you have to get going. It's hectic… all the getting ready, making lunches and attempting to get the kids going. Often times there's a small tragedy like a broken shoe lace or "I can't find my____" 

You get everyone loaded up the car listen to them argue and kiss them all goodbye at their stops. You turn on your radio for the rest of your commute … the DJ is doing some lame crank call or worse…. one of those "You got busted on the radio cheating on your partner" calls or perhaps just ripping on some famous singer or star. Maybe you even pick up some bagels on the way in (if you have time left) to attempt to brighten the work mood. 

You get in to the office and as soon as you walk in the door, a co-worker or manager needs XYZ ASAP. No time to even set the bagels down at your desk so you toss them into the kitchen on your way into meet with someone. You get back to the kitchen.. the bagels are all gone. We all know how the rest of this day goes because unfortunately it's a typical work day. The negative arguing at home, the negative talk on the radio on the way in the gossip in the office, the chatter about how the company isn't making the money it used to and benefits are being cut. Forget some of the fun events the office used to do, the company can't afford it anymore. 

After the work day beats you down, you pick up the kids, drag them all through the store to pick up groceries on the way home. They want everything in the store and what slips out of your mouth is "Oh sweetie, we can't afford that, I have to get the store brand." You take off for home and get dinner started while attempting to get the kids started on their homework or putting away their back packs and papers. 

Finally dinner is ready and you get some push back from the kids when you ask them to help out with clean up. You might actually get a couple of hours to spend with the kids before the battle to bed. 

Once you finally get everyone in bed you sit on the couch, turn on the TV (which the kids had turned up full blast) to relax for a few and you think "is this really all there is? "

Being a Mom is great! I absolutely love it! 

I know this story all too well because a few years ago I was living it. Not only that, my own mom lived it. When my mom was a little girl and she imagined her life…it didn't include a job but when I was in Kindergarten, she had to go to work and didn't stop working until well after I left college. My mom imagined her life as a stay at home mom, watching her own kids and raising them. Instead, she had latch key kids and she was  a slave to the working world. Some of her jobs included working at churches. One of the pastors was the worst boss she ever had. He was awful to her. 

There are 2 things that put me on a completely different path. 1) I decided to do a direct sales thing and 2) I started personal development. 

I had gotten to a point where my corporate job was taking it's toll on my health. My heard would race from the stress of a manager who had issues with me and I was eating terribly because I was very unhappy. Not to mention all the negativity I was bringing home to my family. When my husband got a bill for the kids' summer day care we both agreed that it would be cheaper for me to stay home and watch the kids myself and look for something in the Fall. Being with the kids was great but we were in a small cramped apartment with no spare cash to go and do anything fun. For fun we went to the pool and walked over to the dollar store for a $1 treat. Once in a while we might go over to the bread store and get a day old bread treat… 

At the end of the summer we rented a house and I got a job working as an aide at my kids' new school. I did that for about 3 years. It was fun yet at the same time, I learned more about the horror stories that so many kids live every day. I had nothing left for my own family. Even thought it was part time and I liked many of the teachers there, I just couldn't deal. It was dragging me down. 

Now what? I felt like there was something I was missing. I got to be with my kids more yet I didn't completely feel fulfilled. I wasn't getting any fulfillment at the church we had been going to. I felt good being in a good relationship and I felt there was more and didn't know what. 

I signed up with a direct sales company to make money from home and quit my work at the school. It was too draining. I liked direct sales. There was a lot to learn and I do like a new challenge. It turned into a time of great growth for me. I was introduced to personal development and have been doing personal development since then. I started searching for my passion. I started becoming a better mom and a better wife and a better friend. I started meeting people that I wanted to be around, that i could grow from and slowly detached myself from the negative relationships I had. I distanced myself from some of the people around me. I also changed my attitude toward some of my family and friends so that I was better able to get along with them. 

I found a passion to assist other moms, which is the reason I started this blog. I started coaching some of my friends and some other moms too. People started to notice that my point of view was a bit different. Now when I speak in conversations when I am at church or networking or with other moms at the pool, they ask "are you a counselor or a coach or something?"  because they observe that I have a different perspective than then people around them. 

I have found the value of creating choices in my own live and assisting others to see the choices in their own lives. It is truly my passion to assist others live better lives and to show them that there is so much more to life than the daily grind. 

The reason it's been a while since I have posted is because my husband and I have been introduced to an amazing company that it completely congruent with who we are. I had introduced my husband to personal development a couple of years ago. Since he started, he's gotten 3 job advancements and pay raises and he's more miserable at work than ever. What we started in February is completely revolutionizing our lives and our family.

This company that we discovered was no accident. Several things that we had been doing in our lives, the choices we were making lead us to this company. Last year I met a great couple that I just had to be around. They have a great relationship, they have a great family life, they have a beautiful home and the energy we want. They introduced us to a personal development company that not only assists us to grow and we also get to make money. Real money, some real bank! 

With other personal development programs, I would introduce friends and they would read a book I recommended or would listen to a CD I lent them or would attend a seminar I liked.. yet I made no commission. I was happy to introduce my friends to a better life for sure… now things are even more awesome because we are on track to retire my husband before his 40th birthday in November. 

Families today need each other more than ever. Traditional work is paying off less and less. Benefits are dwindling down. Our jobs are getting shipped over seas. Isn't it time to take back your family? Isn't it better to spend time with your kids? To raise your own kids? To teach them about life and money and love? 

Here is what we have been doing… Go ahead and click on this link. We will introduce you to the personal development study that has revolutionized our lives.

When You have had enough of the daily grind. Give us a call. You will be glad you did! 




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