What should I get my Mom for Mother’s Day?

by Charlotte on April 28, 2011


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This year Mother's Day just snuck up on us. I think with Easter being so late it just caught us off guard. Mother's day is in a week and a half on Sunday 7 May.

What to get your mom for Mother's Day can sometimes be a challenge. It all depends on the individual Mom and where this Mom is in her life and the age of her kids. Different Moms have different needs or wants.

There are timeless classics that NeVER fail! Ever. Moms  always love flowers. Flowers are always a winner no matter what. When you know what her favorites are that's even better. When you don't know and she's not they type to have allergies, then select a vase full of fragrant flowers.. perhaps some oriental lilies or lilacs. I say VASE full of flowers because flowers in a vase last a lot longer than flowers in oasis (that green block that holds water).

If she is a working Mom then send them to her office, Moms always like to show off how great their kids are. If she's not and you are going out on Sunday… to dinner or church or some other such event, get her a corsage to wear.


Moms LOVE services. Often times Moms will neglect themselves and would not spend money on something like a massage or getting a manicure or a pedicure. Sometimes she will put off getting her hair done. Getting gift certificates for her favorite places for services is a great idea. I personally love getting massage and pedi gift certificates. It's not impersonal and I don't have to go and pick something out at a place I might not normally shop.

If your mom doesn't have a regular place to get services, ask your friends for referrals. Someone you know has someone to refer you to.

WHEN YOU LIVE CLOSE TO MOM one of the GREATEST gifts is to participate with her. I have a friend who I kidnapped one day. I had her meet me at one place then I kidnapped her and we got pedicures for her birthday. The treat wasn't just the pedicure but the time we got to spend together. Go with your Mom and get that same service, that way you are sure she will get it done.

When you don't live close by, ask one of her friends where she lives or another family member there for assistance.



Mom needs to get out once in a while. You probably know some of her favorite spots. Take her out. Show up for lunch when she's at work (maybe call ahead of time if you have a contact in her office to see if it's a good day)  or just let your mom know you would like to take her out.

It doesn't have to be fancy but Moms love when their kids take them out and treat them.



Rather than trying to guess or asking someone else, just ask her what she wants. I can ask my sister sometimes because she lives with my mom. If she doesn't know then I just ask my Mom. My Mom is 73 and she has everything she wants, what do you do for someone who has everything? Usually that's when I do services because I know she doesn't treat herself.

I would rather my family ask me what I want. I'm less of a stuff person and more of a services or spend time person. This year, I'd love a day trip to Sedona. Just me and my family headed out and have a day with some hiking and maybe lunch. Pretty simple.

Just pay attention and get her what she wants and not something LIKE what she wants.



It really is the simple things that Moms want. It doesn't have to be grand. I still love things that my kids make for me, especially when they do it on their own like outside of school. I'd rather have a hand made card than something my kids just scrambled to get because it's Mother's Day.



Do NOT get her anything for them home, especially the kitchen unless it's an item she specifically asked for FOR MOTHER'S DAY. If her mixer broke and she wants a new one.. that's NOT necessarily the gift she wants, it just needs to be replaced again.. unless she specifically says "I want a new mixer FOR MOTHER'S DAY". Don't do it!

Giving her things for the house is lame and it says "this is who you are to me." Mom's don't want to be the chef or the person who irons your clothes or the person who cleans your floors.  She wants to be appreciated as a mom and a person.



Mom's really just want acknowledgement that they mean something to you. They want to know that you care about them as a person and their needs once in a while. They want to know that you see them as a person outside motherhood who has needs and wants just like you do.



Everyone wants something so when a Mom says that, she may be content with possessions so that's when it's a good idea to spend time with her or give her a couple of days off. I may not want stuff yet I'd love for my kids just to clean up the kitchen or their own rooms. I'd love a peaceful day where everyone gets along. I'd love to have my kids take a break from the TV and ask me what I want to watch.



Take the focus off the Mom-ness of your Mom and look at her life. What does she enjoy? What is she telling you? Think of who she is as a person and that will give you clues on what she would like.  If you are thinking chocolates and she's said she's on a diet then DON'T get her chocolates, try one of those fruit bouquets that she can eat rather than sweets.



Always, Always, Always get your Mom a card or make her one. Moms love cards. Words are very meaningful to moms .. especially "I love you".

If you are interested in mailing her a free card, send me an e-mail and I will give you the link for that. charlottesalafia@yahoo.com.


Whatever you do, do something. Let your Mom know how much you love her and what she has meant in your life.


Have a super weekend with your Mom and get on it! Get that Mother's Day gift or event going! She deserves it!








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