How to communicate with Teens| Helping your teen with communication skills

by Charlotte on April 18, 2013


An interesting conversation that I had with my friend prompted me to have a dialog with my husband about this topic. Talking to todays teens seems to be a real challenge sometimes. The gap between us and our parents and us with our kids is much smaller. All my parents had to do was learn a bit of my slang.. .conversation was still the same. Maybe we talked about some different topics and yet we still had the same communication style. Things are so different now, kids have a whole new way of communicating. I sometimes wonder if they actually understand each other too… I mean, they communicate in such a way that they get each others language and yet they feel so alone.

Now as teens we all felt/feel that others just don’t get us and I now wonder how much of that is attributed to their communication style. My one daughter feels isolated and not understood. I remember feeling that way as a kid and even into my adulthood but she seems to feel it in a much deeper way.

This conversation with my friend helped me unlock some very fascinating ideas that I just hadn’t thought of or I hadn’t connected the dots to the ideas. My husband an I decided to have a dialog in this podcast to talk about this issue and we are excited about it!

In this podcast we talk about some of the conclusions we came to and also questions we have. Go ahead and click your mouse and take a look at this dialog and let us know what you think. Click the link at the bottom to enter into the dialog.



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